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Engineering in the Caribbean

As a Leader in a startup engineering company, I am constantly reminded of the crucial role that engineering plays in driving economic and social progress. In developing countries, this impact is even more profound here in our lovely islands and countries of the Caribbean. Engineers are responsible for designing and building the infrastructure that enables communities to thrive. We create and install the technologies, of the machines that create employment for the bread winers, the class rooms that educatate, the hospitals that saves life’s , and clean water that sustains it !

But the value of our engineering goes beyond just physical infrastructure. Engineers also play a vital role in driving innovation and building a strong foundation for future economic growth. In developing countries, this is especially important as it can help to level the playing field and provide opportunities for people who may not have had them otherwise!

I am incredibly proud of the work that our company 801 Engineering team does and the positive impact we have in our home of the Caribbean and by extension on the world. We must continue as a people to invest in and support the growth of engineering here in our Caribbean countries, as it will ultimately benefit us all and positively change the future life’s forever!!!

Riad Khan

VP of Sales and Business Development

@801 Automation.

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